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Peaceful sleeping

Since I started using a CPAP I was missing the fragrance of lavender when I went to bed. I’m so happy I get to smell it again!


I love the smell but do they come in different scent

Thank you for your review. There are many online and brick-and-mortar sellers of essential oils (like health food stores). They specialize in essential oils and have a wide variety of scents from which to choose. We recommend you only purchase a pure essential oil in a scent you are sure you are not allergic to.

CPAP infusion kit

I love the infusion kit. My old one was 5 years old and getting lose around the tube so I bought a new one and I bought one for my daughter in law who is new to using a cpap machine. I have access to Young Living and DoTerra essential oils and use different ones depending on how I'm feeling.. I'm glad your around and still selling cpap infusion kits.


I absolutely love the pads because you just need a drop or two to go you through the night.

CPAP Infusion

I like the idea, but the oil is in a bottle that does not dispense easily and very small. No instruction and not sure how long the pads last.

We apologize about the dispensing. We will look at that in the future. As for pad use. We recommend changing them after 5 to 7 days of usage or sooner if they look badly soiled. If you use a CPAP cleaner such as So Clean, we recommend you remove the pad prior to cleaning and replacing the pad after cleaning.