CPAP Infusion

Essential Oil Infused Sleep for CPAP Users

No more awful-smelling plastic. Just imagine drifting off to sleep with the pleasing aroma of your favorite essential oil.

CPAP Infusion is the first patented, universal fit connector that can diffuse a pleasant scent of your choice without any damage to your CPAP device. Try it now and receive all the benefits of your favorite essential oils while you sleep!

Easy to Use

3 simple steps to better sleep!

Watch the video to see how easy CPAP Infusion is to install and use!

Engineered for Safety & Durability

Designed by an award winning engineer, 2 time Motorola Inventor of the Year, former essential oils executive, who has been awarded more than 42 patents (15 for essential oils related products)

CPAP Infusion is Universal Fit

Plugs in hose and face mask or nasal hose. The CPAP Infusion will not damage your CPAP Device

The CPAP Infusion adapter was designed to be universal fit. It works with any CPAP device because the CPAP Infusion adapter does not plug into the CPAP device. The adapter plugs into your hose and your mask. If using a nasal style minimal mask, it plugs i

Infusion Pads (Pack of 10)


Infusion Pads (Pack of 10) - CPAP Infusion


The CPAP Infusion Pads are made with a proprietary, hypo-allergenic material designed to disperse your favorite, therapeutic grade essential oil. Designed to work with the CPAP Infusion Adapter.

Infusion Pad Storage Case


Infusion Pad Storage Case

Now you can store your Infusion Pads in our Infusion Pad Storage Case!  Easily change between essential oils by storing one pad with a specific oil while you use another oil for the night. Each bay can hold up to 8 pads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I use an Infusion Pad?

Due to air quality, temperature, humidity
levels, dust, and impurities from touching the pads, they will soil and should
be changed periodically. We recommend you replace the pad after five nights of
use or at the first sign of dirt accumulation or discoloration of the Infusion
Pad, whichever comes first. You can order additional pads from our website, They cost $4.95 for ten pads

Q. I use the Dreamstation CPAP Device, and my CPAP Infusion does not fit. Can you help?

A. To use the CPAP Infusion with the Dreamstation, you need to remove the plastic piece fitted in the existing hose. The piece serves as a type of swivel, removing it will not impact the use of the hose.

All you need to do is use a small amount of force (it won't break it) to pull this plastic piece out of the primary hose end that would otherwise connect to the small hose that attaches to the mask. Once removed, the CPAP Infusion will connect without issue.

Q. What is your return policy? 

A. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, within two weeks of purchase, please email to arrange a return. We will refund your purchase price to the same credit, debit, or payment card you used when purchasing upon receipt of your return. 

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Peaceful sleeping

Since I started using a CPAP I was missing the fragrance of lavender when I went to bed. I’m so happy I get to smell it again!


I love the smell but do they come in different scent

Thank you for your review. There are many online and brick-and-mortar sellers of essential oils (like health food stores). They specialize in essential oils and have a wide variety of scents from which to choose. We recommend you only purchase a pure essential oil in a scent you are sure you are not allergic to.

CPAP infusion kit

I love the infusion kit. My old one was 5 years old and getting lose around the tube so I bought a new one and I bought one for my daughter in law who is new to using a cpap machine. I have access to Young Living and DoTerra essential oils and use different ones depending on how I'm feeling.. I'm glad your around and still selling cpap infusion kits.


I absolutely love the pads because you just need a drop or two to go you through the night.

CPAP Infusion

I like the idea, but the oil is in a bottle that does not dispense easily and very small. No instruction and not sure how long the pads last.

We apologize about the dispensing. We will look at that in the future. As for pad use. We recommend changing them after 5 to 7 days of usage or sooner if they look badly soiled. If you use a CPAP cleaner such as So Clean, we recommend you remove the pad prior to cleaning and replacing the pad after cleaning.